Wednesday, December 2, 2015

USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2015

The holiday season is here! If you're anything like me, you're doing at least some of your Christmas shopping online. While online shopping is great for finding specific items and scoring great deals, it's not something you can procrastinate. Each year, the United States Postal Service publishes recommendations for when you should order items online to ensure they will arrive on time.

In order to receive your package by December 24th, you need to order by the following dates:
  • December 19th for First Class mail
  • December 21st for Priority mail
  • December 23rd for Priority Mail Express
This, of course, is only applicable if you're shipping domestically. If you're shipping internationally, USPS recommends shipping by December 8th.

As always, our Etsy shop is up and running. Happy shopping!

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