Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tutorial: 4 Easy Handmade Gifts

Handmade items make great gifts, especially if you personalize them for you friends or loved ones. Still, if you're a Certified Procrastinator, you may not have enough time to work on a complicated project. If you are looking for a list of simple craft projects that can be completed in a day, you are in the right place! 

1. Tile Coasters

All of my close friends and family members have received tile coasters from me at some point. Tile coasters are practical, easy to make, and look great! You will need to purchase some inexpensive supplies, but once you do, this is a project that can be finished in an afternoon. Click the photo to view a step by step tutorial.

2. A Handmade Recipe Book

When my sister turned 21, I made her a little book of drink recipes. The project was extremely easy. I found all the recipes on Pinterest and made them look cute using scrap paper and sticker letters. If you don't want to purchase anything, you can create your recipe book on the computer and print it -  I once used a template on Microsoft Word to make a book of restaurant suggestions for my husband. Click the photo to see the full post on the drink recipe book.

3. Sewing Pin Christmas Ornaments

I have tons of sewing pin ornaments on my tree! This is another project that will require you to buy some (inexpensive) supplies, but once you do, it is simple to complete. There is absolutely no skill required to make these! Click the photo for a step by step tutorial.

4. Etched glasses

Glass etching is much easier than it sounds, I promise. You can etch plain glasses you already own, or you can buy inexpensive glass items at your local dollar store. Craft supply stores sell both etching stencils and Armor Etch, the solution used to create the etched effect. Click the photo for a tutorial of how to create your own stencil, or if you're planning on using a pre-made stencil, you can read a simplified tutorial here.

Happy crafting!

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