Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Project: Handmade Wreaths for Christmas!

It was a very crafty Christmas! We exchanged a bunch of handmade gifts - all of which are blog-worthy - so I'll be posting my pictures waves. First, some lovely handmade wreaths that I made for Cheryl and Daera!

This lovely wreath reminds me of spring, perfect for a 70 degree Christmas!

I didn't make the flowers, but I did hand-weave the yarn pattern that I wrapped around the wreath.

I spent entirely too much time weaving 5-string braids to give this wreath its cool textured look. If you want to know how to make a 5-string braid, I posted a tutorial here.

 I love the way this wintery wreath turned out! I wrapped it with blue and white yarn and decorated it with some wintery decorations that I had stored in my craft room.

Handmade gifts are the best!

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  1. We are some crafty people in this family!! Love my wreath, Christina! Hanging on the wall, already.