Saturday, October 10, 2015


We've been making handbags for years, but now we have some cute wristlets added to our Etsy shop! Right now the selection is limited, but we hope to increase it as time goes on. 

I loved the first wristlet I ever bought - I still love it! - but I bought it back in the days of Flip Phones, so my current phone can't fit inside. The nice thing about our wristlets is that they are large enough for a phone, a small wallet, and a set of keys, without being too large to wear.

I've been referring to this one as the "Christmas Wristlet." I could see myself using it on my way to Christmas dinner, or really, ant time in the winter.

I absolutely love the color of this wristlet! Seashells never go out of style.

Finally, if you're a nature lover, this fun butterfly wristlet may be for you!
Don't forget - you can always request something custom if you want a specific fabric.

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