Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Crab Caddy

One of our absolute favorite meals is steamed blue crabs. A Maryland staple, blue crabs have a mild, sweet taste that is synonymous with summer. Anyone who's eaten blue crabs knows that it's a messy ordeal that requires some specific hardware.

Thankfully, we've streamlined the process by building the Crab Caddy!

If you're lucky enough to bring crabs home for dinner, a crab caddy will help you keep track of all of your crab eating essentials. My favorite part of the crab caddy is that it has a built-in paper towel holder. There's no point in trying to keep your hands clean while you're eating, but the first thing you want when you're finished is a paper towel to clean up. I also keep a paper towel on my lap to protect myself from crab debris.

Though I use a knife to open the crabs, I need a crab mallet to get to the delicious claw meat. Our crab caddies have four built-in mallet holders.

Crab meat is delicious by itself, but we also eat it with Old Bay, butter, and vinegar. The center of the crab caddy will hold all of your spices. 

(Crabs are not included in a crab caddy purchase.)

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