Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ocean View Homecoming 2015

Today was a beautiful day to be outside (even if some of us did forget sunscreen.) Thank you to everyone who visited us at Ocean View's homecoming. We had a wonderful time!

We finally have a nice way to display our bags! Woohoo!

Here's a closer look at our lattice bag display.

These crab clocks are super cute!

A while ago, we saw a bottle bird feeder tutorial on Pinterest. They turned out great! The bottles can be taken out and get filled with birdseed so when the birds eat the seed from the bottom, more falls from the bottle to refill it.

These crab caddies are a necessity for a good ol' eastern shore crab feast.

I love the way the jewelry looks sparkling in the sun.

Helpful Dog #1.

Helpful Dog #2.

We set out an array of fishing lures! Kenny started a fishing blog, in case you want any hot tips on what's biting in the Ocean City Maryland area.

Overall, it was a wonderful day to be outside. I'm glad that so many people took the opportunity to walk around the park and shop.

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