Thursday, April 9, 2015

Project: The Great Bottle Cap Experiment

For whatever reason, we've been saving our bottle caps for the past few years. In the back of my mind I knew I wanted to use them for a craft project, but didn't have anything specific in mind. Finally, we came up with an idea, and the Great Bottle Cap Sort of 2015 began.

The picture shows the contents of one shoebox full of bottle caps. ONE. We had two full shoeboxes, a full bin, and a half-full cool-whip container. 

Friendly reminder that these bottle caps were collected over YEARS…no judgement please.

Eventually I realized that solo cups were the way to go. Each bottle cap brand got either a large solo cup or a small solo cup depending on how many caps we had. If I had at least two of the same cap, they went in a solo cup. You can see a blue plastic bag in the upper-left corner of the picture - we had so many Heineken caps that I needed a plastic grocery bag to hold them! It weighed a couple pounds when we were done.

I wanted to make bottle cap wall-art, and this was my prototype. I bought a cork square because I figured it would be light enough to hold the bottle caps, and porous enough for glue. A quick internet search told me that hot gluing the bottle caps would work. So I glued…

…and I glued…

…and I glued…

…and I glued…

…and I finished my bottle cap wall-art experiment!

The experiment seems to be a huge success! I will write a formal DIY post later, but I wanted to post the results of my experiment now. We have plans to do more advanced designs…wish us luck!

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