Friday, February 20, 2015

Tutorial: Felt Flowers

One good thing about being stuck in the house is that it encourages me to get crafting! I started making a variety of felt flowers after having a few days off from work.

I found a pin on pinterest that showed pictures of how to create felt flowers, but when I followed the link, it sent me to a different post. The blog is here and has tons of cute ideas, though it isn't in English:

All you'll need to create the felt flowers in this post is a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and felt in colors of your choice!

To create the pinwheel flower like the one above…

First, cut two strips of felt so they are the same size. I used the long side of a rectangle of felt, and cut it about an inch or so wide.

Glue the two pieces together at one edge. Then, make even cuts in the fabric (I made my cuts diagonally to create the pinwheel effect.)

Take one edge of the strip and begin rolling! I like to add a dab of glue every once in a while so if the felt accidentally unrolls, I don't need to start from scratch.

Glue the end of the strip together and you have your own felt flower! 

The fun thing about these types of flowers is that you can alter the appearance by making a few simple changes. Another way to create these flowers is to take a strip of felt and fold it in half, gluing the two ends together.

The way the flower will ultimately look depends on the way you make the cuts and the way you roll the flower. I made diagonal cuts on this flower like I did before.

If you roll the flower with the diagonal strips pointing in one direction, it looks like this: 

If you roll the flower in the opposite direction, it looks like the flower below. I also think the felt I used for this pink flower was cut a little wider than the blue one above.

Making your cuts straight up and down instead of on a diagonal will create flowers like this:

These flowers are so simple! I had a lot of fun experimenting with what would happen when I made a simple change, like altering the way I made the cuts in the felt, or by mixing and matching colors.

I turned all of my felt flowers into hair clips that I will sell at our upcoming events in the spring! 

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