Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tutorial: DIY Wedding Escort Cards

Apparently, there is a difference between an escort card and a place card! A place card is placed at the seat to show guests exactly where they will sit; an escort card simply tells guests which table to go to. Who knew!

When thinking of how to design the escort cards for my wedding, I thought back to the ones I made for my grandparents anniversary party. I wanted to do something similar, but not entirely the same.


I started by printing all of the names and table numbers on regular address labels. The little heart on the label wasn't just decorative - it alerted servers as to which entree each guest ordered!

I trimmed the edges off the labels and attached them to the cards. I tried to alternate colors, since there were three different shades of teal/turquoise. 

Like any mature adult, I did most of my work on the living room floor and made an absolute mess.

It took a little while, but I eventually attached all of the labels! Woohoo! I love the way the three colors look together.

The next step was to fill the bags with MnMs. Thankfully, my sister stopped by to help me out, as this was a very precise process! The MnMs were something we splurged on, so we wanted to make sure that we didn't run out. We had 74 bags to fill and 10 pounds of MnMs, so we determined that each bag needed approximately 2.1 ounces of candy in order to make sure everyone got the same amount.

After a while, we got pretty good at estimating 2.1 ounces on the first try! It was a little tedious weighing and re-weighing all of the bags to make sure they were precise, but it was worth it to make sure they were all equal.

We used a line of hot glue to secure the cards to the bags. We made sure none of the hot glue got into the candy (though this resulted in sticky fingers for the afternoon.) By putting a line down the middle, we ensured that the bags could be opened and closed properly.

They looked absolutely perfect with the rest of the decor!

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