Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tutorial: DVD Labels and Case Inserts

Recently, I made DVDs for my friends' wedding. I spent hours editing the video and perfecting the DVD menu, so once everything was burned, I knew that handing them a set of plain, unmarked DVDs wouldn't cut it. To make the DVDs look more professional, I decided to make labels and case inserts.

And it was so easy.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can make professional-looking DVDs.

What you'll need:

  • DVD labels (can be purchased at office supply stores or large department stores)
  • A printer with color ink
  • White card-stock (regular paper will also work, but card-stock is better)
  • Microsoft Word or another word-processing program (like Pages)

I used these labels for my DVDs. I don't think the type matters, but I know that you can find Avery templates on Microsoft Word.

To design your labels on the computer, you'll need a template to ensure that they print correctly. If you use Microsoft Word, go to "Tools" and scroll down to "Labels."

When this screen pops up, click on "Options."

Look at the labels you purchased and find the corresponding product number.

If you can't find your product listed, don't worry! Check your labels to see if you can download a template online - I had to do this with the Avery labels I purchased. Downloading the template was extremely easy, and I didn't have to worry whether or not the labels would print correctly.

If you can't download a template, some versions of Word also have a CD label template.

Now it's time for the fun part! Design your labels any way you'd like. Navy and green were the colors for the wedding, so I decided to make my DVDs match the decor. When you print the labels, remove remove the centers then peel off the labels, following the directions described in the packet. Make sure you know whether your DVD cases are standard or slimline, so your labels will align correctly.

Place your DVD in the case. Align the edge of the label guide against the edge of the DVD case, then press the label onto the DVD. 

After you've adhered the first half, peel off the label guide to adhere the other half. 


Though I liked the way the DVDs looked with the clear case, I decided to make a cover insert. Again, to make sure the inserts printed perfectly, I used a template. This time, I used the one that came with Word.

I made the inserts to match the CDs on the inside, printed them on card stock so they would be sturdier, and then cut them out.


Much better than a title scrawled on in sharpie :)

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