Thursday, July 18, 2013

Handmade Blue Petal Wreath

The answer to your question is "forever."

It took forever to make this wreath. For starters, Michael's was out of 12-inch wreaths, so I figured I'd pick up a few 14-inch wreaths to add some variety to my collection. My second life error came when I purchased a different brand of yarn, not realizing that it is thinner than the yarn I typically use for wrapping wreaths. Between the thinner yarn and the larger wreath, it took me at least 1 - 2 extra hours just to get the wreath wrapped. The petals were pretty easy to make, but it took a while to get them all glued since I wanted to cover half of the wreath.

Last summer, I made a simple tutorial for making yarn-wrapped wreaths. You can find it here. After my recent wreath-wrapping adventures, I have a few additional tips to add.

Crafting Tip #1: It doesn't have to be perfect.

If you zoom in on any of my photos (please don't,) you can see some hot-glue marks on some of the petals. For whatever reason, felt + hot glue = hot mess. I spent forever on the first few petals I assembled because I was trying to avoid any evidence of glue. I finally realized two things. First of all, my "mistakes" are things that other people would never notice unless I pointed them out (like I am now.) Second, minor inconsistencies are part of what make handmade items special. There's something charming about the fact that my felt petals weren't factory-made, pre-cut, perfect pieces.

Crafting Tip #2: Make a template.

After wrapping the wreath, I immediately made a paper template that I could trace to make my petals the same sizes. It was really easy - I folded a piece of paper in half, drew half a petal along the crease, and cut. This ensures that both sides of the petal are the same shape. I started with a template for the smallest petal and then drew increasingly larger petals using the smaller one as a guide.

Crafting Tip #3: Be prepared to make a mess.

Self-explanatory. My living room is covered in felt scraps and my hands still have ink-stains on them from tracing the petal templates with pen.

I'm incredibly excited to showcase this wreath at our next event, and I'll put it on Etsy afterwards. Check out the link on the right side of the page to see the fantabulous items that are for sale in our Etsy shop, most of which start at only $6.00!

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