Sunday, April 28, 2013

10th Annual Bug and Bud Festival

I had a fabulous time yesterday at the Bug and Bud Festival! The weather was heavenly, there was tons to see, and the food was wonderful (I'm talking about you, Dolce and Abbott's.) And the dogs. So many nice dogs. In fact, I move that next year's festival should be called the Bug, Bud, and Bark Festival.

Temperatures in the 60s and sunny skies, 
just enough to sunburn the fair-skinned members of the Crafty Crabs.

We started the day off in the shade.

Lookin' extra-crafty with our sweet new blue tablecloths!

Our busy street was only one section of the much-larger festival.

I am experimenting with new business cards. 

A wonderful mix of new items and old favorites on our tables.

Most of those bobby pins were gone by the end of the day!

This was the first show for my new wreaths.

This one found a new home...

...But this one is still my favorite. I also made a similar one in purple.

Daera's new post earrings were a hit! 
We did eventually have to put them in a basket to keep them from flying away.

I think I have a bracelet-making addiction.

More tents! This is where our booth was last year.

Other than the vendors, there was live music and entertainment. 
What a pretty day to sit on the grass and listen.

Thank you to everyone who visited us on Saturday. We'll be back in Milford on Saturday, May 18th for the annual Hospital Fair (fun fact: the Hospital Fair was our most profitable event last year!) Also look out for us in the Bethany Town Center for monthly artisan fairs.

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