Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tutorial: Easy Polymer Clay Flowers

Let's be honest. Polymer clay is like play-doh for adults.

There's something charming about a project that isn't 100% perfect, like these simple polymer clay flowers. Each one is a little imperfect, but in a cutesy sort of way. 

  • Polymer clay  - I used Sculpey for this project.
  • An oven
  • A clean surface - polymer clay WILL damage furniture!
  • Optional - bobby pins and a hot glue gun. I made my flowers into hair accessories, but really, you can do anything you'd like with them.

For Perfect, Uniform Flowers:
Flatten your clay so it is thin and uniform. Using a stencil and an x-acto knife, cut out five uniform petals (a "u" shape) and skip to the end of step 2.

Step One
Roll your clay into five small balls, making sure each ball is approximately the same size. The size of the balls will determine how large your flower turns out.

Step Two

Take one of the balls and roll it so it becomes longer. Press the clay into a flat petal and bring the bottom two edges together.

Step Three
Repeat the same process five times until you have five similar petals. Gently press the petals together until they "stick." If one of your petals is too big or too small, fix it now because you will not be able to later.

Remove any excess clay from the bottom of the petal. Because I use these for my bobby pins, I remove the excess clay with a knife to make sure the bottom of the flower is flat for gluing.

Step Four:

Bake it! Baking instructions can be found on the package.

To make bobby pins:

I purchase special bobby pins specifically for crafting. The pins have a flat surface at the closed end, so an accessory can be glued to it.



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