Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ocean-Themed Earrings

December was a quiet month for blogging, but an extremely busy month for everything else! While our next event is months away, we've been working to stock up items for spring. We'll stick to some of our best-sellers (bobby pins, magnets, earrings) and will add some brand new items.

In the meantime, I added Daera's ocean-themed earrings to our Etsy shop.

Yes, these are real fishing lures. 

These adorable seahorses swing in front of blue-green polymer clay charms. 

Sea turtles in font of shimmery purple & green clay circles.

Pretty shells in front of blue & white clay circles.

These remind me of shell pieces you find on the beach.

We had a fantastic start in 2012 and hope to do even better in 2013. Have a fantastic start to the new year :)

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