Friday, November 2, 2012

Simple Wedding/Anniversary Place Cards

This December, my grandparents will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary (yay!) To avoid conflicts with holiday events, we decided to throw a party a month early. My mom asked if I could make place cards that doubled as favors for the event and explained how she had seen little bags of candy somewhere online.

Not bad! Although this was a time consuming project, it was EXTREMELY easy to do. 

I went to Michaels and picked up a pack of these little bags. I'm sure if you're super crafty (or maybe really picky,) you could make your own. This was MUCH easier!

To make the actual place cards, I bought sheets of business card paper. For our business cards I use perforated paper, but I used special peel-away cards for this project. That way, you cannot see the perforated edges on the cards. I used a business card template to get the names to print out correctly.

I added a linked-heart detail so the cards would match the bags. 
Then, I punched holes in the bottom left corner of each card.

Because the bags are transparent, I chose to fill them with Hershey kisses so the candy wrappers would match the color scheme.

I bought silver ribbon that matched the bags AND the candy wrappers. This ribbon was wired, but I would NOT recommend using wired ribbon! It added to weird creases to my bows.

I threaded the ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the place card and tied it to the top of the bags. 

Ta-da! Place cards AND favors in one simple item. 
Who wouldn't want a little bag of candy as a party favor? 

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  1. Thanks so much for making them Honey! They were practical and beautiful! Nonna and PopPop loved them!