Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

Looking for some excellent Black Friday sales without the threat of being trampled by rabid shoppers? The Crafty Crabs' Black Friday extravaganza runs from Wednesday, November 21 - Monday, November 26! 

Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to receive 15% off your total purchase!

We've listed a ton of new items in the past month, including some super-cute Christmas jewelry.

These sparkling silver Chrismas light earrings will match any holiday outfit. While I love Christmas colors, it's nice to have holiday accessories that aren't red and green.

We have the same earrings in a glittery gold.

Of course, if you DO want Christmas-colored accessories, we have these cute Christmas lights in red and green as well :)

Sparkling red. Move over, Rudolph.

If Christmas lights aren't your thing, you might be interested in these cute Christmas trees!

Happy shopping :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Handmade Holiday: Tips for Holiday Shopping on Etsy

I am not an Etsy expert, but I am an Etsy lover. I used to be hesitant about online shopping because I was afraid to buy something I couldn't handle in person. Eventually, I got over my fear and realized that not only was online shopping awesome, it was (in some cases) much more efficient than shopping in a store. There is no search engine when you walk into the mall!

Why should you shop on Etsy for your holiday gifts?

     1. Etsy sellers are trustworthy because their success is dependent on positive feedback from

     2. Customization is usually an option. Don't be afraid to ask for a change to an item.

     3. The search function is a lifesaver, especially if you're looking for something specific.

     4. There are items in every price range. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive stocking stuffer    or a jaw-dropping gift-splosion, there is something at your price point.

     5. On Etsy, you can find one-of-a-kind gifts for your one-of-a-kind loved ones.

Tips for Etsy Shopping

1. How do I find gifts?

The search bar is the easiest way to search for things, especially if you already know what you're looking for. For example, a few years ago I really wanted bath towels with snowflakes on them. It took me forever to find them in a store; had I searched for them on Etsy, I would've immediately found a list of relevant items.

You can also search through Treasuries, which are special lists created by Etsy members. Each Treasury has a specific theme; for example, I made a Treasury of crab-themed items. The items in my Treasury are diverse (a clock, glasses, jewelry, pillows) but they all feature crabs in some way. I've also seen seasonal Treasuries and Treasuries based off of a specific color scheme. This is a good way to shop if you know someone with a specific interest, or if you know someone's favorite colors.

If you're not sure where to start, you can browse through items by category. You can browse by general categories (jewelry) or more specific sub-sections (earrings.) At the bottom of the homepage, there is an option to scroll through recently listed items. This will show you a wide variety of items that were recently put up on the site, and you can narrow your search as you go.

Finally, if a person on your gift list has an Etsy account, check to see if he or she has any favorites. Users can "favorite" items that they like, but don't necessarily want to buy right away. If you buy something off of someone's "favorites" list, you don't have to worry about whether or not the person will like it.

2. When should I buy?

Picking out gifts for our loved ones should be fun, but sometimes, it's more stressful than enjoyable. The earlier you start planning gifts, the less stressful the holidays become.

 Getting an early start is especially important with regards to Etsy because sellers need time to ship your items. Some items are made to order, and sellers are particularly busy around the holidays. Some items on Etsy are one-of-a-kind, meaning once they sell, they're gone. Check out a shop's announcement section to see if they have anything to say about their current turnaround time.

3. What about special orders?

Sometimes when I'm out shopping, I'll see a beautiful pair of earrings that I like...except, they're too long. Or I'll find a bag that my sister would love...if it was only in a different color.

On Etsy, you can send a message to a seller if you would like alterations done to an item. For example, buyers have contacted us to ask about adding more pockets to our bags, which we could easily do. It's usually not a big deal, and most sellers will be willing to work with you. If you like the style of the items in a shop, you can request a custom order.

4. I love it!'s too expensive.

Sometimes, handmade items can be pricey because of the amount of time that goes into making them. Still, this doesn't mean that all handmade items are expensive! Many items on Etsy are similar in price to items you'd find in the store, and shipping costs are usually reasonable.

If you fall in love with an item that is out of your price range, go to the shop that the item came from. Often, shops will list items in different price ranges to reach a wider range of customers. The gorgeous dishes you found might be $100, but a single mug in the same style might be only $20.

Want other ways to save? Some shops will run sales or give out coupon codes, especially around special occasions (like Black Friday.) Check out a shop's announcement section to see if they have coupon codes listed there, or visit their website or facebook page.

Happy Shopping!

I am frequently listing more items in our shop. Currently, the shop is filled with earrings and a handful of bags, but I've been diligently working on coasters at home.  The most recent item I've listed is this awesome Baltimore Ravens quilted handbag. Check it out!

Our next show will be a Holiday Bazaar on December 1st at the Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Delmar, DE. More details to come!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Etsy Extravaganza!

The holidays are slowly creeping up on us. Before you know it, you'll be humming Christmas songs, filling up on gingerbread, and panicking about last minute gift items. Thankfully, these Crafty Crabs are getting ready early! Daera has made a TON of earrings, some of which I've listed on our Etsy shop. 

I grouped the new earrings into five different categories. Each picture is a link!

  Blues, Turquoises, Greens - The Ocean and Beyond  

  Flowers, Trees, & Bugs  

  Hearts, Stars, & Horseshoes  


  Simple and Classy  

As if we haven't added enough, I will soon be adding the coaster section back to the site! Coasters make excellent, practical gifts, so I want to make sure there is a decent selection on the site before the holiday rush. And speaking of the holidays, we've got some Black Friday surprises up our sleeves :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Simple Wedding/Anniversary Place Cards

This December, my grandparents will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary (yay!) To avoid conflicts with holiday events, we decided to throw a party a month early. My mom asked if I could make place cards that doubled as favors for the event and explained how she had seen little bags of candy somewhere online.

Not bad! Although this was a time consuming project, it was EXTREMELY easy to do. 

I went to Michaels and picked up a pack of these little bags. I'm sure if you're super crafty (or maybe really picky,) you could make your own. This was MUCH easier!

To make the actual place cards, I bought sheets of business card paper. For our business cards I use perforated paper, but I used special peel-away cards for this project. That way, you cannot see the perforated edges on the cards. I used a business card template to get the names to print out correctly.

I added a linked-heart detail so the cards would match the bags. 
Then, I punched holes in the bottom left corner of each card.

Because the bags are transparent, I chose to fill them with Hershey kisses so the candy wrappers would match the color scheme.

I bought silver ribbon that matched the bags AND the candy wrappers. This ribbon was wired, but I would NOT recommend using wired ribbon! It added to weird creases to my bows.

I threaded the ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the place card and tied it to the top of the bags. 

Ta-da! Place cards AND favors in one simple item. 
Who wouldn't want a little bag of candy as a party favor?