Monday, September 3, 2012

Decorated School & Office Supplies

The start of a new school year is even more frantic for teachers than it is for students, but somehow, I've managed to fit some crafting into my schedule. I love going back to school shopping, especially because I get to customize my new school supplies. It's amazing what you can do with some scrapbook paper and a pair of scissors! 

I love fancy binders, but I realize that sometimes they can be a little bit pricy. Since I use a ton of binders at work, I splurged on one fancy binder and spruced up some cheaper, plain binders.

I slid some scrapbook paper into the front and side of a plain white binder. Immediate upgrade!

I also purchased a plain black desk organizer for things like paperclips, pens, staples, etc.  Then, I grabbed my Mod Podge...

...and used it to adhere scraps of scrapbook paper to the organizer.

One more coat on top, and my little black organizer has some personality! (No, I don't know why I was doing this on my spare bedroom floor...)

I am in the process of updating our Etsy shop with more items, especially seasonal accessories. I've already added a selection of new earrings, but more items will shop up in the next week or so! We also have some upcoming events:

Saturday, September 8: Milford Freedom Festival, 9am - 4pm
Saturday, September 22: Delmar Heritage Day

Please stop by to say hello!

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