Sunday, September 23, 2012

Delmar Heritage Day

Delmar Heritage Day was a really great event; the weather was beautiful, sales were great, at the atmosphere was positive. We love to hear people appreciate that our products are handmade, especially considering how much time it takes to make each item.

The tent in the morning.

No more hair clip board, after the wind destroyed it at our last event. I still think the clips look cute lined up on the table!

During the day, two different children asked is if we were giving away items for free (no, sorry!)
 Nice try, though.

It was nice being outside all day on the first day of fall :)

Daera's push-pins have been a big success! 
There are some fabulous bulletin boards in the Delmarva region.

Magnets, magnets, magnets. We sold a whopping 37 magnets on Saturday!

This isn't the best picture (I took all of these with my phone,) but I can't leave Abraham Lincoln out. 
He gave a speech on a boxcar right behind our tent.

Our next event is a big one: the Apple Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville. This will easily be the largest event we've ever attended, so we're making sure to have a huge inventory. If you've got any requests or suggestions, please let us know!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Milford Riverwalk Freedom Festival

We had a wonderful time at the Milford Riverwalk Freedom Festival, even with the 20mph winds and flying tents! Here are some of the photos I took of our booth.

Lookin' crafty.

RIP flower accessory board. Despite the fact that it was anchored down by the easel, the wind finally sent it flying to its death. To be honest, I had been thinking of replacing it anyway; it looked great, but people were afraid to take any of the hair clips off of it.

The bobby pins have gotten more diverse!

He is not for sale.

Daera's push-pins are The Best.


Thank goodness we were in the shade, because it got HOT as the afternoon went on.

Our next event will be Delmar's Heritage Day on Saturday, September 22. In the meantime, I'll be listing more items on Etsy. About a week ago, I listed a handful of fall-inspired earrings, and tonight I'll be adding two more quilted handbags. Hair accessories will also be making an appearance in the new future!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Decorated School & Office Supplies

The start of a new school year is even more frantic for teachers than it is for students, but somehow, I've managed to fit some crafting into my schedule. I love going back to school shopping, especially because I get to customize my new school supplies. It's amazing what you can do with some scrapbook paper and a pair of scissors! 

I love fancy binders, but I realize that sometimes they can be a little bit pricy. Since I use a ton of binders at work, I splurged on one fancy binder and spruced up some cheaper, plain binders.

I slid some scrapbook paper into the front and side of a plain white binder. Immediate upgrade!

I also purchased a plain black desk organizer for things like paperclips, pens, staples, etc.  Then, I grabbed my Mod Podge...

...and used it to adhere scraps of scrapbook paper to the organizer.

One more coat on top, and my little black organizer has some personality! (No, I don't know why I was doing this on my spare bedroom floor...)

I am in the process of updating our Etsy shop with more items, especially seasonal accessories. I've already added a selection of new earrings, but more items will shop up in the next week or so! We also have some upcoming events:

Saturday, September 8: Milford Freedom Festival, 9am - 4pm
Saturday, September 22: Delmar Heritage Day

Please stop by to say hello!