Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tutorial: Yarn-Wrapped Wreath

I know, I know, it's August and a lot of people don't want to think about fall just yet. I'll be enjoying summer until the absolute last day, but because I go back to teaching soon, I wanted to get a headstart on some of my fall projects. Using a styrofoam wreath, yarn, and felt, I was able to create this lovely decoration.

(That orange seems a lot more ORANGE on my computer screen!) The downside of this project was that it was VERY time consuming, but the upside was that it was cheap to make but looks expensive.


  • A styrofoam wreath (available in various sizes at most craft stores) 
  • Yarn - I used two different colors, but you can do whatever you'd like!
  • Felt - again, I used three different colors, but choose whatever you think will look best
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
Step One: Prep

If you are using more than one color of yarn, mark off the sections on your wreath. This way, you will know exactly when to stop wrapping your yarn.

Step Two: Wrap!

Use a dab of hot glue to hold the end of your yarn in place and then begin wrapping. It's difficult to measure how much yarn you will need, but you do not need to use one string of yarn per section. If you run out of yarn before the end of your section, just glue the end of a new string at the end of your first string.

Be careful not to get your string tangled! I did this a few times when using particularly long strings. I didn't wrap my entire wreath in one sitting; it just took way too long! This is a project that you need to leave and come back to. When you're finished, your wreath should look like this.

Step Three: Decorate

To decorate the wreath, I made some felt roses and a felt flower frill. You don't necessarily have to use flowers; use whatever you want! Leaves, buttons, beads, etc.

I felt the wreath needed something else, so I added some shimmery orange ribbon. 

Perfect! The ribbon will also allow me to hang the wreath from a command strip on my front door.

In this photo, the wreath is hanging on my screen door, but it is NOT waterproof. When I hang it up in the fall, I'll hang it in between the front door and the screen door. We just happened to have a command strip on our screen door from a big Christmas wreath we hung last year.


  1. I love this! Fall colors are my fave! I also love Ramona in Step 2's picture.

  2. I used that photo on purpose! I actually had to re-start a section because of her; she LOVES styrofoam, apparently.

  3. The wreath reminds me of Thanksgiving,my favorite holiday! It is beautiful!