Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Items for July!

Riverfest will be our largest event to date, so we've added new items to our Etsy shop AND to our booth. We have been VERY busy crafting and working on promotional items.

Daera made these crab earrings; they are SO EXTREMELY CUTE. 
She can make more to order, which is good because I'm tempted to steal these for myself!

So. Cute. It's a fabulous, crabulous day!

Cheryl is a bag-making machine! This is one of my favorite purses that she's made; I love the yellow and gray floral fabric that covers the back and straps.

I love the whimsical quilting Cheryl's done on the front, but my favorite part of this bag is the owl-shaped button on the flap.

Beautiful raspberry color, country chic fabric. Daera made the button to match!

These aren't for sale online (yet,) but I will be selling felt dahlia pins at our booth on Saturday. 
You can pin one on a shirt, a jacket, a handbag, or whatever else!

I have blue flower pins too. They are VERY time consuming to make, but I want to make more in a wider variety of colors for our later events.

Visit us on Saturday! We'll be at the booth all day :)

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