Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Felt Dahlia

I keep seeing felt dahlia tutorials pop up on Pinterest, so I figured I'd try one out. 

Ta-da! Not bad for a first attempt! 
I haven't decided whether to use this on a headband, pin, or bag.

I followed this tutorial from Make & Do Girl and I did use her petal template (downloadable on the webpage.) The directions were pretty easy to follow, though I do have one hint. 

The petal on the left is CORRECT! The petal on the right is WRONG! If you make your petals like the one on the right, they won't fit right when you try to glue them. 

Another awesome thing about this project is that it cost me under a dollar to make! It did, however, take me a few hours to glue everything together. I'm sure my future dahlias will be even cleaner (and I'll do something much better for the center!)

If you want a simpler, faster felt flower tutorial, you can find my felt rose tutorial here.

In other news, the Crafty Crabs will officially be at the Nanticoke Riverfest on July 14th in Seaford, Delaware. Come visit us! And don't forget about our Etsy shop :)

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  1. Christina, I love this! It is so beautiful!