Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ribbon Flowers

I found this tutorial for ribbon flowers on Pinterest a while back, but I only just got the chance to try it out. The tutorial calls for a wood burner, which I don't have, so I'll show you what I did instead.

I scored this awesome ribbon from a clearance bin!

In the tutorial, the author traces her rounded edge with a washer, which I do have. If you don't have a washer, you could use a bottle cap or anything with a rounded edge. You could even create your own template from cardboard.

I do not have a woodburning tool, so I traced my petal onto the ribbon and cut it out with scissors.

The advantage of using the woodburning tool is that it simultaneously cuts the ribbon and seals the edges. Because I used scissors, I sealed the edges with a good ol' Mod Podge instead. I think there is a way to do this using tea lights, but I'm a little skittish about fabric and fire.

After you cut out your petals, sew them together using thread in a coordinating color. When you stitch the petals together, the thread should go over the edges of connecting petals, not under. In the picture above, the two petals attached to the left are done the correct way.

Once they're all sewn together, pull tightly and tie the flower together. You will probably have to adjust the ribbon to get the flower to sit correctly; this one is a little lopsided, while the second one I made is more even.

I attached this flower onto a hair clip. The hair clips that I use have holes at the top so things can easily be sewn to them.

A little sparkle in the center and it's done!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Delmar's Christmas in July, PLUS, new Etsy Items

We've been extremely busy lately; my house looks like a craft explosion! I'll be writing some posts about  our time-consuming projects later, but for now, I have some photos from Delmar's Christmas in July as well as pics of our latest Etsy listings.

How cute are these? Planters made from duck decoys!

The sunlight was reflecting off of our bracelets and magnets, so I had to take a picture.

Beautiful necklaces made by Daera :)

I put Cheryl's bee bag up on Etsy this morning. 
(Insert your own BEEutiful joke here.)

I also added this pink and green paisley bag. I'll be adding more in the near future.

If you're interested in anything on our Etsy account, use the code SUMMERSALE at checkout for a 15% discount off your total purchase!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glass Etching: Create your own stencils

A few months ago, I wrote a basic glass etching tutorial. Yesterday, I etched some hand-drawn designs on tea light holders; I wanted to show the process I used to create my own stencils.

If anyone knows how to take a good photo of etching on glass, PLEASE let me know!

  • Glass to be etched (will not work on plastic)
  • Armor Etch
  • Paintbrush
  • Blank Vinyl Stencil (can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc.)
  • X-acto knife
  • Scrap paper (optional)
  • Newspaper, or something else to protect your workspace
Step One

I used two different methods to create my stencils. First, I drew a wave design on paper, then cut it out and traced it on the vinyl. If you were using a logo or picture you found somewhere else, you would follow the same process.

For my second design, I drew a branch directly onto the vinyl (after practicing on paper, of course.) The downside to this method is that you can't re-draw your design if you mess up, but it works well for things that don't need to be perfect.

Step Two

Cut out your design using an x-acto knife or something similar. I'm sure it's possible to use scissors but I would not recommend it. With an x-acto knife, you get cleaner, more precise lines.

Step Three

Adhere the stencil to your glass and apply the Armor Etch. There are directions on the bottle, but I included details here as well. Make sure your stencil is flat on the glass, otherwise the armor etch may bleed underneath it and ruin your design. 

Step Four

Wash off the armor etch, remove your stencil, and ta-da! 


I covered my tea lights in scrapbook paper and sealed them with a coat of Mod Podge. A little extra personality!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nanticoke Riverfest

I forgot my camera, but I did manage to snap a few photos with my phone at Riverfest yesterday. It was a long, sticky day, but we all survived!

Note the spiffy new tent! Much easier to set up than our white one.

I made stickers for our bags; you can tell that's a cartoon hermit crab, right?

Look, we even have cheerleaders!

Last but not least, a lovely shot of us huddled under the tent when it started to rain. 

Our next event is Delmar's Christmas in July, at Delmar's State Street Park on Wednesday, July 25th from 4 - 7. Come out and say hello!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Items for July!

Riverfest will be our largest event to date, so we've added new items to our Etsy shop AND to our booth. We have been VERY busy crafting and working on promotional items.

Daera made these crab earrings; they are SO EXTREMELY CUTE. 
She can make more to order, which is good because I'm tempted to steal these for myself!

So. Cute. It's a fabulous, crabulous day!

Cheryl is a bag-making machine! This is one of my favorite purses that she's made; I love the yellow and gray floral fabric that covers the back and straps.

I love the whimsical quilting Cheryl's done on the front, but my favorite part of this bag is the owl-shaped button on the flap.

Beautiful raspberry color, country chic fabric. Daera made the button to match!

These aren't for sale online (yet,) but I will be selling felt dahlia pins at our booth on Saturday. 
You can pin one on a shirt, a jacket, a handbag, or whatever else!

I have blue flower pins too. They are VERY time consuming to make, but I want to make more in a wider variety of colors for our later events.

Visit us on Saturday! We'll be at the booth all day :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Scrapbook Papered Plastic Storage Bin

I've spent a good portion of this summer trying to reorganize and de-clutter parts of my house. I had a plastic storage bin in my bedroom that looked a little junky, so when I found this tutorial on Pinterest, I knew I had to pin it. I wanted to see how well it would work.

Ta-da! Unlike the tutorial, I only covered the bottom half of the drawer. 
I didn't want to mess with mod-podging around the handle, because I knew the bubbles and wrinkles would drive me insane. I also chose to use the same paper for each drawer.

Yes, this is the same paper I used for some of my tile coasters :)

Don't forget that the Crafty Crabs will be at the Nanticoke Riverfest this Saturday, July 14th! Make sure to say hello and you may even score a killer coupon for our Etsy shop :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Felt Dahlia

I keep seeing felt dahlia tutorials pop up on Pinterest, so I figured I'd try one out. 

Ta-da! Not bad for a first attempt! 
I haven't decided whether to use this on a headband, pin, or bag.

I followed this tutorial from Make & Do Girl and I did use her petal template (downloadable on the webpage.) The directions were pretty easy to follow, though I do have one hint. 

The petal on the left is CORRECT! The petal on the right is WRONG! If you make your petals like the one on the right, they won't fit right when you try to glue them. 

Another awesome thing about this project is that it cost me under a dollar to make! It did, however, take me a few hours to glue everything together. I'm sure my future dahlias will be even cleaner (and I'll do something much better for the center!)

If you want a simpler, faster felt flower tutorial, you can find my felt rose tutorial here.

In other news, the Crafty Crabs will officially be at the Nanticoke Riverfest on July 14th in Seaford, Delaware. Come visit us! And don't forget about our Etsy shop :)