Saturday, June 9, 2012

2nd Annual Ellendale Family Fun Day

The Ellendale Family Fun Day was a small event, but we still had a great afternoon. We truly appreciate everyone who stopped by our tent!

Daera made a ton of bracelets to make sure people had a wide selection, especially considering bracelets are one of our most popular items. I even made (and sold!) a bracelet.

Cheryl experimented with different styles of bags, including this beachy tote bag. Don't look for this one at our next event; it sold today!

Our booth at the beginning of the event.

The view down the street. This was pretty much it for vendors, but there was plenty for kids to do in the park, including a bouncy castle and a dunk booth.

We did make a purchase before the event began. Who could pass this up?

A selection of the earring board. After the event was over, we started picking pieces that we'll sell on Etsy. I want to have the shop up and running by the end of the month.

Coasters and hair accessories.

We finally remembered to bring a mirror so guests can see how they look in their Crafty Crabs gear.

Bobby pins. 

The boys made more cornhole tables to sell, including football-themed beanbags. Though we didn't sell any sets, we had a ton of fun playing games with the kids at the event!

Pick your team :)

It was HOT, but that didn't stop Chris and Matt from playing in the sun.


Thank goodness for this tree. We spent the entire afternoon moving and re-moving our chairs to find the shade. If it wasn't there, we would've baked!

The cutest thing: a little bug on our bug earrings. THE CUTEST! 

Our next big project is to (finally) set up our Etsy shop. I realize that summer online business might be slow, but I want to get the hang of it now before the holidays roll around. We will make sure to keep you posted on upcoming events; we have a few in mind, but someone (me) has been too lazy to send in applications.

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  1. Everything looked great! Looks like you had another beautiful day!