Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stretch Bracelets

Stretch bracelets can add an extra splash of personality to any outfit. Here is Daera's official stretch bracelet tutorial.

  • Beads - Assorted colors and sizes
  • Cutters - Scissors work fine
  • Stretch Cord - I use Stretch Magic in size .5mm
  • Glue - I've had great luck with Jazzy Jewel Glue. Aleene's Craft Glue is another inexpensive, sturdy glue. DO NOT USE KRAZY GLUE! This will eat the elastic.
  • Needle (optional.) You can string the beads by hand if the holes are too small for the needle.
  • Chip Clip - This is handy for holding the ends of your string.

Step One
Cut about 14 to 16 inches of your stretch cord and thread it through your needle.

Fold your thread in half and clip the loose ends with your chip clip.

Step Two

Here’s the fun part! Start stringing your beads! 

You can create a pattern or randomly string. It’s your creation, make it how you like it! I tend to work in 3’s… three different colors or three different beads. But, you can use as many different colors that you’d like, or all the same color. You can even make a beautiful bracelet using just one kind of bead.

Step Three
Once you have 7 to 8 inches worth of beads on the cord, it’s time to tie off your bracelet! I like to use a surgeon’s knot. Youtube user, Abeadofroses,has a fantastic 1 min video on how to tie a surgeon’s knot. I am going to attempt to teach you how to do it, but I suggest watching the video instead :-)

You can find the video here. 
Remove the needle and chip-clip and hold the ends of your cord in each hand. 

Wrap the cord in your left hand over the cord in your right hand, bring it down and back up. Do this two times.

Take the cord that’s in your right hand and pass it over and under the cord in your left hand and pull tight.

Add a dab of glue and if the holes are large enough, pull the knot inside a bead.

Allow your knot to dry for a day and snip off the stray ends of your cord as close as possible to the beads. Be careful not to clip your bracelet!

You are finished!

Continue making bracelets till you have one for every outfit. And be sure to congratulate your beading partner on a job well done!

And, of course, if you don't have time to make a bracelet for every outfit, you can buy a few from us at our craft events :)

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  1. I'll definitely be buying. They are very pretty!