Saturday, May 19, 2012

55th Annual Milford Hospital Fair

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Milford Hospital Fair. We had a great time! The weather was beautiful and it was fun chatting with people who wandered through our tent. We had a fantastic day; I'm already excited for our next event.

Next time I'll remember my camera. Thankfully, my phone takes halfway decent pictures.

Though the wind was wild, the weather was beautiful. A perfect day for outdoor activities.

Our sign somehow survived the wind!

The flower frill accessory board at the beginning of the day.

The coasters. I proved that they were waterproof after
 I spilled coffee all over the table before the event began.


The first earring board.

The second earring board. They're both looking a little bare after today!

The magnet boards were VERY bare at the end of the day! 
They are easily one of our most popular items.

Fabric button bobby pins.

Daera's dad made crab pots and flounder teasers. If you want, you could catch your own crafty crabs!

Yep, both of these are gone now! We'll make more for next time.

My mom actually walked away with this necklace. 
It looked like it was made for the shirt she was wearing!

We had a live show going on in the back of the tent. Chris and Matt spent the afternoon painting Warhammer minis and attracting spectators.

Again, it was a really awesome day for us. I'm excited to spend more time crafting over the summer once I have more time to myself. More photos and tutorials are coming!


  1. Your Crafty Crab tent was beautiful! Dad, Diana and I are so glad we were able to come down and see your crafts. All of you are so talented!

  2. When/Where is your next show? My mom and I love craft shows :)

  3. Our next show is in Ellendale, DE on June 9th. It's a little family fun day in a little town! I'm also trying to sign up for one in Georgetown, DE on the 23rd, but I haven't been able to get ahold of the coordinator. And, of course, I'm in the process of setting up our Etsy shop :)