Monday, April 23, 2012

Merchandise Display Boards

When planning ways to display our items, we had to get creative. We're well aware that laying all of our merchandise flat on the table is a big no-no. If we want customers, we need them to see our products from far away. 

After a stroke of genius, the fabric flower display board was born!

I covered the back of a large picture frame with fabric and attached rows of ribbon across it. I bought a $9 easel from Hobby Lobby to hold up the board. People can easily clip and unclip the flower frills from the board, and they can be seen from a distance. Hair clips that don't fit will be clipped around a bin beside the board.

Daera's dad made these boards for her earrings. She backs each pair of earrings with a square of scrapbook paper with a hole punched at the top. This way, customers can easily slide the earrings on and off the nails on the board.

Disregard her brother in the background :)

I'm pretty sure my grandmother bought the green fish earrings in this photo!

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  1. It looks beautiful! I know Nonna bought a pair of fish earrings. Having your crafts up on boards is a great way to display everything! Good Luck! Wish I could be there!