Friday, April 6, 2012

Beach Inspired Jewelry

Recently, Daera has been making jewelry with a beach inspired theme. I think we're all ready for warm temperatures on a regular basis; I've been itching for good beach weather! Here are some awesome photos of some of her pieces, complete with beach-y backgrounds. You can see them in person at our upcoming craft shows (unless I take a few things for myself...)

Very fresh, beautiful necklace. Chain consists of round white shell beads, turquoise shell beads, and turquoise czech glass beads.

This elegant sea turtle pendant is combined with a chain of turquoise chips, czech glass beads, and silver spacers.

 Charms are resin with a blue and silver dolphin inside. Each dangle consists of a blue Swarovski crystal, silver spacer, and turquoise pearl.

A Crafty Crab necklace!

Charms are resin with a red coral branch inside. Above the charms are red bamboo coral beads and silver spacers.

Cute silver fishes accompanied by turqouise Swarovski crystals and blue pearls.

Charms are resin with a gold angelfish inside. Dangle consists of two citrine chips, an amber Swarovski crystal bead, and a silver spacer.

Charms are resin with a red starfish inside. Dangle consists of two red beads and a silver spacer.


  1. They are all so beautiful! Could I put an order in for the dolphin earrings?

    1. Aww of course! I've put em aside for you! Happy Easter!

  2. Surely! I'll let the head jewelry-maker know.