Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

For years, I kept my sewing materials in a strawberry-shaped box. The box must've been a little TOO lifelike, because a few months ago, my dog ate it. I stumbled on this idea from Martha Stewart's craft site and immediately grabbed a jar from my kitchen to try it. I didn't follow her steps, so I posted my own below.

  • A mason jar that you don't mind modifying
  • Fabric (here's a chance to use your scraps!)
  • Cardboard
  • Cotton batting
  • Hot Glue - I didn't use it, but you might need it
  • Scissors
Step One

Detatch or cut out the center part of the lid. Trace the lid on a piece of cardboard and then cut it out; the two circles should be the same size.

Step Two
Cut the fabric into a circle that is slightly larger than the lid. I didn't make any exact measurements, since you'll only see the center section. Take a small amount of cotton batting, place it underneath the fabric, and then push the fabric through the lid. Place the cardboard underneath the batting to create your pin cushion.

Step Three
I'm not sure if it was just the cardboard I used, but my cushion stayed in place after I'd pushed the cardboard as far as it would go. I even tested it by pressing on the top - the thing is sturdy! If yours is not secure, use hot glue to secure the fabric and cardboard to the original lid.

Step Four
The lid should screw back onto the mason jar normally. Fill with sewing supplies and enjoy.

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  1. Ramooonnaaaa!!!! Did she eat the pins too??? Time out! Very cute sewing kit~